Azucares Prieto Quality

At Azúcares Prieto we pay special attention to the quality of our products and services.
All the work processes and practices developed at Azúcares Prieto are aimed at the total satisfaction of our customers.
In order to achieve these quality objectives, the entire workforce is involved, with continuous improvement in work processes.
We ensure strict compliance with the time and manner of delivery of our orders.

Azúcares Prieto - Calidad

Sugar packaging quality

From the reception of the sugar in tanker trucks, our automated process of transport and feeding of the machines, guarantees a packaging process free of manipulation and contamination of the product.

We control all our processes, guaranteeing the requirements of all our customers.

Quality in sweetener packaging

In sweeteners, we have a wide variety of compositions and formats that meet the tastes and requirements of each of our customers.

Our fully automated and computerised dosing and mixing process guarantees the total reliability of our sweeteners.


With our own printing systems, we obtain the highest quality in the shortest possible time. We are a company committed to the environment, being pioneers in the use of water-based inks in our printing processes, thus reducing the environmental impact and pollution of the product, by eliminating the use of solvents that pollute our planet so much.


At Azúcares Prieto we strive for quality in all our processes, from the choice of raw materials to the packaging, personalisation and distribution of the final product.
Because your brand is our brand.

Quality ISO 9001
IFS Food