We are pleased to announce that Azúcares Prieto will be present at the most awaited event by coffee lovers! We are excited to share with you that we will be participating in the ninth edition of Coffee Day, which will be held on 21 June 2023 in Zaragoza.

Coffee Day is a very important event for us. We address all companies in the coffee sector, such as roasters, green coffee importers and soluble coffee manufacturers, as well as companies linked to the Spanish coffee sector. If your company is interested in attending, either as part of the sector or linked to it, we encourage you to contact the Spanish Coffee Association on 91 44 88 212 or somos@asociacioncafe.com for more information and to confirm your attendance.

The day’s programme promises to be fascinating. In the morning, we will officially open the ninth edition of the Coffee Day at 09:30. This will be followed by the AECafé General Assembly, where topics of interest to our sector will be discussed.

After a short break to enjoy a delicious coffee on the beautiful terrace of the Aura restaurant, we will be able to listen to three very interesting presentations. The first one, entitled “Intrapreneurship: How to develop new innovation projects from within the organisation”, will provide us with valuable information on how to foster innovation in our company.

We will then have the opportunity to listen to the presentation “Coffee, like pork, is everything”, where we will explore the many ways in which we can maximise the value of each component of coffee.

And to end the morning session, we will enjoy the talk “Coffee, much more than caffeine”, which will open our eyes to the various aspects and benefits of coffee beyond its caffeine content.

After lunch in the lounge, we will head to the emblematic Aljafería Palace for a special visit. There, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of coffee, while enjoying a cup of this delicious drink along with a typical product of the area.

We look forward to participating in this important event and hope to make the most of all the learning and networking opportunities that Coffee Day offers us. We hope to see many of you there!